Corporate Image Outfitters

Technical Embroiderers for Technical Clothing

At Corporate Image Outfitters we understand the value of a logo. You’re customer has spent time and money getting it just right, and when they have you put it on corporate wear you want it to look great!

We want that too. Beyond that, we want the high quality clothing you have us decorate to keep its integrity after it’s decorated. That’s why we made the effort to become a Gore-Tex certified embroidery company.

Corporate Image Outfitters have more than twenty years of embroidery experience. Our expertise and dedication to quality has led us to be the only embroidery house in the United States certified by W. L. Gore & Associates to properly embroider Gore-Tex® fabrics. This exclusive Gore-Tex® authorization means that we have the equipment, materials, and training to properly seal embroidery in a way that will maintain a garment’s waterproof/breathable layering system and preserve the product warranty on your waterproof apparel. Our decorating process is authorized by all of our brands, and in many cases is their preferred decoration method.

You’re using top quality corporate wear; use a top quality decorator to go with it.


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