Personal Shopper

Not sure what style you need? No worries.

We have two ways to help you find the perfect item to meet your client’s needs:

  1. Use the Corporate Image Outfitters online catalog. It’s client safe; only retail prices are displayed and it doesn’t lead back to us. Use so that you and your client can look at every item we have available to sell. You will still need to check with CIO for inventory availability and net pricing, but you’ll have a great starting point. (Due to inventory volatility, we suggest you choose at least two solutions every time.)

  2. You can  give Corporate Image Outfitters a bit of information, and we’ll find a solution for you, within current inventory.  Simply complete and submit a GET A QUOTE form, and our sales team will go to work for you.

NOTE:  Sometimes your client will ask you for a particular style; something they found on the web or a retail store. Often those styles are not readily available in quantity and at discounted prices. We recommend you search the online catalog for any style numbers your client provides. If they aren’t in the catalog they’ll likely be very difficult to get.