If you don’t find your answer here, feel free to contact us at Sales@CorporateImageOutfitters.com

– Sample orders intended to fulfill larger orders can be placed, providing all other factors meet the manufacturers requirements. Samples are not returnable. Standard discounts apply to samples. Sometimes there are beneficial reasons we suggest ordering samples from a retailer online. If you would like assistance with this, ask a member of our sales team for details.
– All of our brands have minimum orders. Some brands can be ordered below the minimum, but with additional fees applied. Ordering below a corporate minimum is a $100 fee. Ordering below a retail minimum is a $200 fee. Not all brands allow for orders below the minimum, and some may allow it, but have other restrictions. Call our sales team to confirm minimum requirements and fees.
– Due to the various factors involved, we do not use customer provided shipping accounts. Shipping costs will be estimated and included on your invoice. If you have shipping questions you can contact our shipping team at 406.730.7792.
– All sales are final. Manufacturing defects, or items which have been shipped in error may be returned. Discrepancies, between ordered goods and goods actually received, must be reported within 5 business days of delivery of those goods. Contact our Sales Department for return authorization information. Refund processing may take up to 90+ days, depending on processing time from the vendor. Decorated garments are not returnable, regardless of who decorates them. Prior to decoration, it is important to check your order for accuracy and all garments for defects; this is not the responsibility of Corporate Image Outfitters, LLC.
– Traditional paper catalogs are not produced at this time. Our website, WWW.CIOMT.CO is an online catalog to browse products. Not every product is listed, due to the majority of brands having a large amount of sold out styles. If there is a style you are interested in and you or your client do not see it on our site, contact our sales team. They will be able to tell you if we can get it or not, and if there are any different restrictions.
– Once we have your complete order, all necessary information and payment we will process your order. Until that happens, nothing is on hold or reserved with any of our brands. Availability changes rapidly, especially during the holiday season (sometimes on the hour). It’s important to work promptly with your customer to get an order placed.
– Production of typical decoration orders will commence within 15 business days of receipt of a completed Decoration Order Form. Rush fees apply if you require faster service. Please review additional information in the Decoration Order form.
– Orders leaving our facility ship within 48 hours. Orders drop shipping from our brands warehouses can vary by location. If you would like that information contact our sales team.
– Processing times are not the same as shipping times. Shipping can be expedited, but processing times can not. There are several steps and departments involved to get an order out of a warehouse. This is outside of our control. Our brands processing times range anywhere from 24 hours to 10 business days. In addition, if it’s a brand that does not drop ship, that means the order needs to come to us first. We ship orders from our facility within 48 hours. At the start of your project, let our sales team know your event date so we can guide you to a brand that can work within your desired time frame.
– Our collection of brands ship from all over the US. If you’d like to know the specific zip code for a warehouse, contact our sales team.
– Size charts for our brands can be found on our product website, WWW.CIOMT.CO.
– Where do I send my order? All orders must be submitted on a Corporate Image Outfitters order form, available in the Doing Business section of this website.
– There is no new customer application at this time. At the start of your project, we encourage you to contact us for pricing and availability. Also to talk about your project to make sure the brands or products you are suggesting to your client will work, depending on the details. A new customer account number will be created and established when you submit your first PO. New customers are set up on a pre-payment basis. Once an order history has been established other payment arrangements may be discussed. (If you belong to a Franchise and would like to find out if your office is set up on net 30 payment terms, please contact a member of our sales team.)
– Selling name brand outerwear and workwear comes with different restrictions. Unless you have up to date information on all the differences and current restrictions with our brands, we do not recommend you setting up a meeting with your client without knowing the details of our brands and how to get them in the hands of your client. The best approach is to contact our sales team at the start of your project. This prevents you pitching anything to your client, or over promising on something you can’t deliver. Our expert sales team is happy to assist you, answer any questions and offer guidance on your specific project. This makes a big difference. Our goal is to eliminate any frustration, making the process fast, simple and efficient for everyone. Your success is our passion.
– Inventory levels are extremely volatile. You should always check availability before you suggest an item to your client, and again before ordering. Inventory levels that CIO reports to you are not guaranteed to be available.
– Currently there has not been a location outside of the US we haven’t been able to ship to. Our brands do not drop ship outside of the US, so all orders must come to our facility first. Inbound and outbound shipping charges apply. Any additional fees are the customer’s responsibility To avoid delays, contact our shipping team at the start of your project to find out what documents and additional information is required. 406.730.7792.
– WWW.CORPORATEIMGEOUTFITTERS.COM is our website for Distributors. This is a great resource designed to provide up to date and important information. WWW.CIOMT.CO is our website to browse products. This is a great resource designed for Distributors to browse products, or send clients to. Our information is not listed on this site.
– Payment is due at the time of order, unless payment terms have been previously arranged. For pre-pay accounts, orders will not ship unless the balance due is paid in full. Payments are made on our website www.CorporateImageOutfitters.com . In the top right corner is a “pay online” button. You will be given the option of a quick payment, or to register and create a login. Orders paid by check will be processed once check is received (not a copy of the check).
– Yes as long as they are for internal use. Public facing promotions or public giveaways are not allowed at this time.
– To uphold our brands reputation and integrity, along with preventing diversion to unauthorized retailers or resellers, we must know and be able to provide our vendors the details of the sale and where the goods are ending up. This information is not used for other purposes and is maintained in our internal records for our vendor relationships and account status as an authorized and trusted Supplier.